October 20, 2008


Dudes. I need a roommate starting in, uh, 10 days.
Holler upon me if you are a Chicagoan in need of a place to be living next month. My apartment is rad and not expensive at all. And unlike every place in Chicago it has closets and tons of windows and working heat and no pests and laundry.
msjessica hopper aaaatttttttttt gmail

also, in a totally unrelated side note, I saw the best punk show of the year tonight, c/o No Age, in Camden, where they rocked the 1200 people at the legit venue, walked across the street and played punk covers to 100. I watched them learn "Where Eagles Dare" in the back hallway--someone dialed up the tab on their iphone and they found someone with it on their iPod, and 5 minutes later they were playing it to seething swarming ebullient punx. The floor very nearly got broken from people bouncing, so everyone sat down so we didn;t fall into the basement; it was a pig pile pit, people laying on each other singing along and finger pointing. I forgot my camera, so I used Randy's--pictures should be forthcoming on their blog. You know, you see them play to a ton of people, and in that context, you know, they are a great band, a fun band. But you see them play a party, to die hards and drunks who are screaming "PLAY D.Y.S!" (Dean obliged with the chorus of "Wolf Pack"), 100 kids packed tight all the way to the ceiling (there was crowd surfing aplenty), suddenly, they are so much more than a band, they are everything--they are everything everyone says they are--everything we wished and waited for.

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