October 16, 2008


We figured the time wrong for the debates, and didn't manage a middle of the night CNN jammies party. I managed to wake up for the second half, but meanwhile, three floors below, a jetlagged and deadasleep Joe was already awake after getting 22 texts alerting him to the fact that he'd just become central to the final McCain/Obama debate.

So far this "tour managing" gig is pretty sweet, mostly it's just a matter of doling out stern warnings and being places on time. Right now I'm sitting in the carport of Dazed and Confused magazine, while the band teaches Joe the songs. I will be untangling and testing 40 headphones shortly. This is pretty much the bulk of my job, the headphones. Jarvis Cocker just walked by; he looks like the Unibomber as designed by Thom Browne; older, tweeded.

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