October 03, 2008


I wide-awake woke at pre-dawn not on purpose, just on brain clock, because I'm on another coast where my normal wake up time means 5:13 a.m. here. Before I saw the clock I knew the winter was here and that it must be morning even though it was pitch black, because there were too many cars. Morning cars trafficking hard already to work. In summer, the sun is up by the time the cars are up. It could not be night or summer anymore.
Then a siren came by and the street was lit up with the sound of dozens of braying chi-wah-wahs, who do not howl like normal dogs, they horrible howl like something scared, and it sounds like they are deflating with a high whine. All the windows were open because California is weather neutral. I was home in Chicago yesterday wearing a skull cap indoors because I shaved my head (clippers accident, as ever) and now I am cold all the time because 1/4 inch of hair is bad insulation. It is winter, my head knows, but California, forever heatwaving even in the night-morning, is full of tricks to trick me.

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