September 08, 2008


Today, I was planning on finally ramping up from vacation mode but I got rained out.
So more hibernating, folding clothes as they get done drying and reading that Lavinia Greenlaw new book real slow. I don't want it to be over so I'm making it last six pages at a time. I was thinking about that book and how the music you love is a better biography than the proper records of you. A list of songs that meant everything to you would explain what your life was about and how you lived better than medical records and report cards. The book goes real well with Emily Lacy's I'm Here Babe which is perfect and romantic and narcotic folk, I like that hazy foil on her pure country girl clarion voice; it is good on repeat repeat repeat.
NoNo made me a banner for my birthday. I also got several deserts and a pants, Nora's bra, two fish tacos and no rap tacos. Wyatt presented me with the carcass of a giant grasshopper him and Monkee were chewing on before I left town, but I think that was coincidence. I also saw two movies about prostitutes, though 2 or 3 Things I Know About Her is about language, cities, building, Vietnam and the ultimate bougie institution--marriage. It's Godard week down at the Siskel, FYI.
The other great news is that Kate got cable. She is the first amongst our friends who has it. JR and Miles' TV only gets video games, mine only gets WGN and PBS. WGN is only useful if you want to watch Sister Act II and ballgames. No one else has a TV. She has on-demand political speeches--we're going to build a tent in her living room and camp out and watch election coverage.
She said we could.

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