September 06, 2008


The mail brought proof yessirday: My six pager on feminist art colony Dirt Palace is in the new ANP Quarterly, plus pics. Plus peep that austere and more distinctive ANP re-design. VOLUME TWO, with KAWS on the cover. TWO: The new Plan B with Rolo Tomassi coverhas a q&a I did with PDX solo-psyche artiste Grouper; her new album is real gauzy and warm and damaged.

Last night, me and Kate and Nora and Ben were hanging out on the secret bench, which is our teenager-like post-up ('member back when you were all ages and 89% of your hang options were loitering and the other 11% were taking bunk acid?) cooling off from well-deserted birthday high, gossiping, watching the parade of bar trash, consoling Kate after her second worst date ever, and suddenly God sent me my b-day present. A gaggle of people walked by, and in the middle of them was a mountain of a woman--she looked sturdy and straight from the Black Forest, a thick legged woman from a story book--and on her back, stoic or maybe stoned, expressionless and seemingly buried or tethered by the womans super-plummage of blond tresses, was a little teeny tiny Asian lady. I would have thought her to be a child but she had pumps on. Maybe she just looked that small in comparison to her carrier. They looked like a girl monster, tangled so seamlessly as one, a two-backed beast galumping along wordlessly on their Fri. Nite bar crawl in their Express Fall Sale finest. Kate buried her face in my shoulder so not to laugh out loud. It was Lynchian and deeply peculiar, hit all the right WTF buttons.

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