August 22, 2008


The news of no news:

I have switched from Journey's Escape to the Stones Hot Rocks. I still start my work time with "Don't Stop Believin'". The 15 yr old me would of spit on the 31 y.o. me for liking Journey this much for real. The 15 yr old me would of hit me with my metal lunchbox. Used the pit at an L7 show as an excuse to kick me for sure.

The new feeding song I sing to the cats is sung to the tune of Journey's "Mother, Father" but it's "Monkee, Wyatt".

Quitting smoking and coffee before I finished the book wasn't the best idea.

I woke up for 90 minutes and went and bought three Pointer Sisters LPs, new Hold Steady and LaBelle Nightbirds on vinyl first thing. I promptly came home and accidentally fell asleep for four hours. I woke up and had no idea what day it was. Book as drugs metaphor still holding.

Chris Connelly works at the record store and he said that Patti LaBelle was girlfriends with Laura Nyro circa the first LaBelle record; he's up on all the early 70's rock lesbian gossip if you are looking for it.


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