August 17, 2008


To open up an earlier question much wider, since it seems like you nerd boys know allll about girls and Arps and girls and Fenders:

I need as much what-lady-plays-what-gear lists as you got. Float me whatever gearhound damage you got floating in yr skull, freestyle off top of yr head. i.e. do you know what Lisa Chapman was playing in her Prince & The Revolution days? What did Carol Kaye play on the Pet Sounds sessions? Lady Bo? Brody Dalle? Feist? Alice Bag? Tina Weymouth? Tegan and Sara? Sandy West?
I bet you know.

In exchange for your efforts, you get a good feeling and a thank you in the book.

Got these covered already: Go-Gos, Jett, Phair, MBV, Timony, Stereolab, C. Love, and every lady thats ever touched an Arp.

Again, our toll free number: msjessicahopper at the gmail, boo.

yours in love and oh shit,


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