August 13, 2008


Not to be all C. Delores Tucker bout it, but um, yeah, Bikini Kill lyrics might be a bit much for an eight-year-old. Going to the media with it is redonkulis, but I can imagine that "it's hard to talk with your dick in my mouth / I will try to scream in pain a little nicer next time" might bum a mom out. I just had a rude awakening about this two months ago, when I was writing the chapter about lyrics and looked up the lyrics to every Bikini Kill song in hopes of finding something that would make sense to a nine-year-old. I had forgotten, in the decade since I actively listened to BK, that
1. almost every song says fuck at least four times
2. some of the songs are sarcastic and if you take them at face value, it's harsh
3. def. more mentions of both rape, dying and cocksucking than on a Hannah Montana album.

And while I think it's rad to start girls young on feminism and feminist culture, I remember being 14 and coming home from the BK/Nation of Ullysses show and cracking open the fanzine Kathleen gave me (BK#2) and being scared shitless by it; the first two pages were about some sort of power-imbalanced sexual relationship that ended with a line about "my pussy is handcuffed to you", which was difficult to wrap my head around as a ninth grader.

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