August 10, 2008


Story of my life.

Another weekend, another GutterButter throw down. I found an old nametag in the aux. pocket of my purse and fastened it to Kate's boob in hopes it might improve my rep and/or make people think she belongs to me.
I'm wasted with love for these best friends of mine.

We ground. We grinded. We sweat so bad. Someone had to leave cos they was bout to barf (not me). Serving eggrolls and cupcakes was maybe not the best idea, for future ref.

I thought the three straight hours of hands up screaming air-humping aerobics to house edits was the highlight of my night until I rolled up to Tumans just shy of three a.m. to say hi to Miles, and there was JR, holding (big) hands with a (wait for it) hot, very possibly transexual Swedish girl with blonde hair down to her ass, looking more scared than I have ever seen him, his eyes wide, mouthing the word "HELP" at me. I didn't think to take a picture of that and I'm pretty sure I'll regret for the rest of our lives.

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