August 04, 2008


I hope Ida is like Lungfish or Ted Leo in that after a dozen years, people really get it or get back into it with a deep appreciation of their genius. I think it's kind of hackneyed to subscribe to that line that it's criminal that certain bands aren't more popular; I don't think the world would be a better place if any band was more popular. My reasons are selfish: want Ida to be more popular so they tour more and I can see them more often than every 18mos. It's the same 40-100 faithful, Tim Kinsella and me, standing at the back, so no one sees me cry when they play "Back Burner". That song kills me. Still.

I understand that people don't want to care about bands that have been around forever. There are new exciting things to be downloading, like a bananas Dan Le Sac vs. Fake Blood mash up or something. Buying a band's ninth album, when you remember buying the debut when it came out, it makes you feel ancient. Plus, most bands get horrible as time passes and it's usually a safe bet to give up after album four. Bucking all trend data, Ida just gets perfecter. More languid, more bittersweet, more angelic, more depressing, more devastatingly harmonic. Here's a live set of theirs in a church in Boston that you can listen to. It has a couple songs from the new EP that comes out tomorrow. They are playing as a drumless trio, so Dan leads the audience and teaches them the beat at the beginning of the songs. That's exactly what I want music to feel like, always. You and 53 other people are Ida's drummer for the night. There's an unspoken trust in those careful claps. What other band ever gave you trust? Fugazi, maybe? Ted, back in the day? Meanwhile, if you live in one of these five or so cities, Ida is coming your way. Don't fuck around and miss that shit.

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