July 24, 2008


At stoplight, Chicago and Ashland 1:10 am, on bikes:

I need to get on that, get a summer romance going before the end of summer.
Well, then itíll be a fall romance.
I think if I apply myself, itís possible.
What about that girl, on the bike there?
Sheís a touch young.
So. Sheís really beautiful. Look at her.
Start placing Missed Connections for people who may not exist.
This is your de facto advice now. You suggested the same method to Dave Scheid.
Yeah. Itíll work eventually. It's got to.
How about this: ďI saw you. Mecca Fashions. Me: guy buying white sportcoat. You: Woman trying on XXXXL Tweety-Bird-As-Notorious-B.I.G. airbrushed t-shirt. Would like to pump semen into you im-meeed-iately.Ē
Yeah, I think thatíll do it.

(Light changes. We roll towards home.)

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