July 21, 2008


Going by the trailers for the forthcoming duds and blockbusters at the multi-plex, and factoring in the enjoyable morality play that followed (BATMAN!), all American movies w/o animatronic animals and Jennifer Aniston in them are plotted by this simple equation:
A man in a hood/mask who is not afraid of anything
is going to come do this. Again.

It taps our base common fear, but also serves as a therapy, an aversion fantasy--the traumatic outcome and all of it's anxiety pass by having a different "positive" outcome: Good guys and bad guys are clear and separate. Violence is framed with an pre-9/11 American gaze, but a post 9/11 vengeance quest. The apocalyptic event horizon can and will be averted. We are right so we get to live.

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