July 17, 2008


If you are coming to town for Pitchfork, two things to know, just to scribble down on your funna-hit-that list or whatever:

Friday evening! 10 p.m. til 4 a.m. at Continental, aka Mistakes, aka where the folks go if they are slurring and wanna take it to the bonezone, DJ BEN FASMAN will be playing thong songs for you if you need to get the taste of that Sebadoh reunion gig outta your mealy mouf. Google that shit, I don't have the address.

Saturday am! 10 am to later, The Ukrainian Museum of Art is having A YARD SALE. They will sell all manner of stuff, but it said there will be "recordings" as well as art and shelves and stuff to do with slides and projectors. That's a half block east of Western on Chicago ave. WHAT SORT OF RECORDINGS?! I hope it's tapes, don't you?!

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