July 17, 2008


Zuzu's Petals might never have been on your radar, unless you were a Minneapolitan punk or Everett True, but let that matter not--you needa read Laurie Lindeen's book about being in Zuzu's. It is my favorite book about being in a band since The Dirt. I woke up before 7 am to read it because I just want to get to the part when they start playing shows and then also where she gets together with Paul Westerberg, to whom she is now married. (I always thought Tommy-at-16 was the cutest Replacement but my idealized boyfriend, in my teenage mind (ok, still) was a combo of Paul, Paul Weller and Chuck D.) I don't think I have read any memoirs, or at least not that has left an impression on me, of being a punk/girl with a dream of a band. It's always "I was a groupie, but really I wanted to be in a band". This book starts with knowledge of that futile path and evolves into real feminist love for her guitar. And it's funny and smart. & They have it at the library.

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