July 16, 2008


Did you know that people have done serious scholarship on why there are so many female bassists in punk and indie bands? ME NEITHER. I know, it's kind of a high class concern to be puzzling on... NONETHELESS. This book looks stiff and formal, but it's not; she gets it, and the analysis puts stuff (riot grrrl, ladyfest, indie rock criticism) in the proper contexts. (((P.tothedisgustedS.:I'm fucking tired of the culturally dumb academe books that are like "Mariah Carey sold 18 million records! This is a sure sign feminism has completely infiltrated the mainstream! HUZZAH! CHATTLE NO MORE!"--like, a pure capitalist read--ja, ja we know money=power---but c'mon that's so Clinton-era to relax into success-in-the-mans-world b.s., blindly reframing a girdled pop star as something other than the perfected unreal? Seriously? It's 2008. It's whole package or nothing, you can't just refute male gaze out of the equation because she's writhing in a bikini AND has a limo of her own.)))

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