July 09, 2008


To steal from John and Exene: I'm not buying a lamp on Hollywood Blvd the day I leave, but it does feel sad. Sort of.
Almost. Not really.
I'm coming back.
Soon. I think.
California skim milk skies'll still hang heavy over the 5 whether I'm here to witness or no. I'm filling my dad's freezer with chickens I made so that he doesn't get Nicole Ritchie slender while I'm gone.

I just need to go home and stare into Wyatts furry face and cry with love, stare into all my friends faces and cry with love, finish a manuscript, ride around listening to Adina Howard tapes on bikes wiff Ben til 4 am, sleep not on the floor, stand atop the trainbridge facing East and channel the ghost of Sandburgs bowtie to purge my mortal fears, and go rest my face on the cool granite floors of the empty atrium atop Harold Washington library, kiss a copy of Neon Wilderness 3 times for luck and ask god what's next.

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