July 02, 2008


You are older and you think you are settled in who you are but a new city and sitch in extremis can mute you. Dave said tonight, "The other night in the car, I realized that maybe we're not seeing all sides of you." The other sides being my naturally dominant crass and caustic side. The moment he was referencing was Friday night, five of us packed in a car, driving to West Covina for a show, the taciturn stranger in the front seat mentioned he was from a midwestern city I have little love for. I said emphatically, "Really?! That place is a shithole!" and laughed. Everyone else was silent for about 15 seconds. I was joking, I said. It's not that bad. Damien offered up a consolation "Well, that arch thing is neat." Yes, yes it is. It's a fucking miracle of modern engineering--but if mocking suburban St. Louis is profane, lord help me.

I'm coming home to Chicago by mid-month; all I want is to ride bikes and have Kells and Morgan regale me with the nastiest, most offensive jokes they can conjure, maybe Ben can meet me at the airport with a big banner that says "WELCOME HOME FUCKFACE"--cos I gotta shake these West Coast propriety blues.

Meanwhile, I updated the muxtape in case you needed some jamz.

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