June 25, 2008


We were sitting on the porch, having such a good ol' time sitting wrongways in the wicker chairs Nora kept turning to Arlie and saying "take another picture with my camera." I made her a sandwich here in my pretend apartment which is just mine for now. The hospitality, also borrowed, a loaner bag of shredded cheddar that Scheid texts me daily to eat up, so it does not go to waste while he's on tour. The flamingo smog sunset played up Nora's fresh sunburn; I moved to the corner of the porch so as not to get my Parliment on her food and she laughed. I forgot that she prefers people smoke while she eats, a true Chicagoan she. I showed her the upstairs, I showed her the hills, I showed her the park, and like some omen humangirl charm, someone pro-actively introduced their dog to us; name and all, unprompted. On the trail overlooking that industrial swath along San Fernando, she went to the ledge, snapped a pic, bent over and stretched, stood up and exclaimed "I LOVE LA! I FUCKING LOVE THIS PLACE, MAN! I GET IT!"

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