June 12, 2008


I never respond to this blog tag business but saying the "unlikeliest of the unlikelies" is enough to make me do it. I'm also avoiding deadlines, so naturally, this is my first priority. And the funny thing is, these are really the only songs I listen to.

1. Bobby Caldwell--Open Your Eyes. Covered this last week. Soft funk with sour key changes. Melancholy, uncertainty, romance--or maybe not.
2. Psychedelic Furs--Into You Like A Train. Richard Butler monotonically denounces all the wife-you formality; sticks with that which you can trust--lust and sax solos.
3. Prince - 1999 (B. Rich's NYE Work Out). Two months ago in Seattle I thought I would do the gr-up thing and head home early and sit out the lazerbass chop house etc. Tittsworth set that Grandy and Joanie pulled me out to. I was wearing wool and didn't feel the rave in my bones. I left them at the club, but when I got to Joanie's, I wasn't tall enough to reach the spare key in it's hidey spot, even when I jumped. I took it as a sign, went back round the block to the club and danced til all my jewelry was lost in the mosh. This song was played. It felt like a Love Parade float. We screamed and put our hands up.
4. RTX--Stoked. Post ZZ style half metal scuzz that makes me wonder why I stopped paying attention to Jennifer Herrema post Cats + Dogs. Righteous. Most of the song is a solo.
5. Del Shannon - Gemini (Pilooski Edit). This was on Ben's mix he sent me. It's got class, but also suits my discriminating tastes in gym bangers. That early-oughts Cologne thump that comes up at 2:09 makes heaven true extra loud in my rental KIA.
6. Pitbull ft Lil Jon - The Anthem. Before I left, this song circled my block at least 22 times a day. I know it's some tankthong n' capitalism bust about Miami-based tit-rubbing, but it's what I listen to when I miss Chicago most.
7. The Wipers--Tragedy. Dan told me on Monday that he'd never heard The Wipers and I was dumbfounded. "So that means you've never heard "Tragedy?". Nope. "Sing a few bars." Nope. The last way anyone needs to be introduced to the Wipers is by my singing it.

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