June 07, 2008


The thing I meant to say/add/type t'yall at the end of yesterdays shunted post: Next issue of Plan B I did the No Age cover story and the Mika Miko q&a. It should be out shortly. I wanted it to be a social history of No Age and not actually talk to them, only talk to fans and friends and co-conspirators, but people were busy and perhaps a touch fragged out by the spotlight on the scene. Whatever Dean and Randy had to say was tertiary--same as with any band--intention doesn't really matter cos all you have is what you inspired as your epitaph/legacy. But the weird thing about No Age, is that what they communicate/perpetuate (casually, but with purpose) to their fanbase ("inspiration/community/inclusion")--their fanbase is picking up what they are putting down. There is fruit to their "get rad/be rad" labour. It's not normally like that. Direct impact. Or so it seems. A band that means what it says and does, or rather, a band that means. Not to be all old about it, but that feels like a more novel concept with each passing year. And if you think that's a vague argument, wait til you read the version I managed to stretch to 1700 words plus quotes. Booo-yuh and Salud!

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