May 27, 2008


After three weeks, tomorrow we move back to my dada's house. There is not an internet there, so there will not likely be much of this for a while. In lieu of myspacing, there will be exploration of salt free cooking, in real time. My dad walks without a walker now. I am majorly pumped on this development. The other things I can fill you in on are that I saw that Lethargy band and they were good, but seeing a music concert is a strange science feeling thing right now. I felt like I was in orbit around it. Spencers red 'stache was v. fluffy. We reminisced, as I do with everyone I see and know in LA. A friend, many years ago, asked me if I wouldn't mind putting up Murder City Devils for the four or so days they were spending in LA on their first tour through. All I remember is Spencer's Op Ivy tattoo and that they were the first people I ever saw drink before noon. My other brushes of normal routine for this week: I read part of the Times Sunday Magazine and listened to the second half of the Embrace CD. I haven't slept in a bed, exercised or read a page of a book since the day I got here. If I had never been on tour before, I imagine these things would bother me, but as I was making up my inflate-a-bed last night, I thought that "tour" is a biological switch; as soon as you spend a night with yr bones feeling pointy against a floor, it flicks on, and gratitude for every small comfort blooms.

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