May 23, 2008


I was listening to the Embrace CD I borrow-stoled in the rental yesterday and remembered when I was 15 that this skater kid named Dan who gave my best friend in 10th grade VD told me that the whole record was one long call out of Kevin Seconds for being a false prophet of hardcore. It would make sense if it was true. (I never listened to 7 Seconds because the font of their logo made me think they must be a surf metal band) No one writes decent songs that are that dogmatic anymore. Or dogmatic songs that are that decent. No one writes refrains like "You should be ashamed!" in 2008. The slow detonation of the macho archetype is also all over that record--it's a man war b/w the familiar awful comfort of the 1987 Don Zientara drum sound. Every hxc record made between 1986 and 1988 is about calling someone a liar. The only people who make entire albums calling out dudes for being liars are former members of Destiny's Child.

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