May 18, 2008


Salud! My dad is out of the hospital as of Friday, which is a great thing, and presents us both with new working goals. Most of the day is given to tending and care, then helping my dad practice walking with the walker. We are staying with my dad's friend in Atwater. She has no steps in her house, a big tv and little dog. She's a pro-style baker. I'm not hurting for brownies. Last night I walked three blocks to Dan Monick's art opening, which is great in itself. Dan, if my math is correct, is my third oldest friendship--it's nice to be near to old bonds and art-distractions. His new work is mostly from vacations and captures the ephemeral mood of traveling. If you're around LA, go see it. Also, though I have no photoproof of it and only a dozen people were on hand to witness, I sat in on a David Scott Stone set at the Smell the other night. It lasted about 8 or 10 minutes. (My friends, rather kindly, are going out of their way to keep me busy when I have a free night.) He played modular synth and I played analog synth and there was something along the lines of a kick in the compressor sidechain and it was kind of minimal and bumpin. For the first few minutes I thought we were soundchecking, and then someone took a picture, so I figured it meant we were actually playing and then 3 minutes later we were done.

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