May 14, 2008


I made this banner over summer ('member) and shipped it off to LA and now I am sleeping in the room where it hung. It's now draped over a pile of modern art in a room of piles here in the treehouse, which is half empty since Cali moved on to his new spot with the high laquered floor and matching doggie paintings. The friendship banner is actually draped all over my whole little currently of Los Angeles life. Providing rides and blankets and temporary mailing addresses and encouraging text messages and places to crash and people who ask how I'm doing and don't flinch a bit when I tell them. I even got a private viewing of the Hamburger Eyeses show Cali's got up over at his gallery, and for a few minutes my thoughts were on art rather than mortality. Meanwhile, my friends in Chicago are not to be overlooked, as they've packed and fed exed me a suitcase full of my goods, renewed my tags and taken my car in for emissions, returned all 12 books I had out from the library and picked up a 25 lb bag of perscription catfood and doled it out 3x a day. I'm stunned by their generosity.

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