April 18, 2008


Something that I didn't know existed: Christgau's NAJP blog, which covers a little of what EMP was like this year and also, poke around links and news on the NAJP site for a thumbnail sketch on print journo's slow hanging death. I will fully cop that somewhere around the start of this blog (400 A.D. or so) there was some gentle (gentile?) haterade for Xgau, I think mostly because he's venerable, powerful and part of an old garde I get snotty about, but, really I have to say, in large part because his EMP presentations made me giggle inbetween brain-pan searing, I have respect and awe for the man and his writing. At present, I am snorting my way through the Record Guide of The 80's that I checked out from Sulzer Regional. Sadly, I am the first person to check it out since it's issue in 1990. Feh!

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