April 17, 2008


So, rather regretfully I've started lumping Bob Mould into the category of punxthatwillnotdie(that's a euphemism--I wish immortality for us all!), though unlike, say Keith Morris, dude has moved forward and upward and on. I guess what I hold against him is more the quality of what he's doing these days, which when I saw him play with Kaki a year or two ago, was bolt-from-your-seat, incredulous-SMH-yikes, and me and Matt on our way out were really wondering "When did he turn into that guy from Crash test Dummies?!" Now he never STOPS singing, filling all the empty space with aaaah-haaaa-yaaaaa, that kind Vedder-esque bellyache melisma? (Lets not even mention the hardstrumming electro-accoustic part. Fuck an Ovation.) It seems like it kind of crept out of nowhere, though I am not by-heart familiar with anything newer the second Sugar record, but, still! Nevertheless, I realized my memory is selective, because you can actually pinpoint where the oversinging began: "All This I've Done For You" off Candy Apple Grey. I always thought it was just effect of the multi-tracking, and yes, there's ambitious oversinging by the kilo on that rec., but you know, god bless Grant Hart for not pulling any legacy-negating moves at this juncture.
Jus' sayin.

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