April 08, 2008


Are you into books? Dance floor liberation? Being the change you want to see in the world? Dancing with cool kids, queers and feminists? How about me and Ben? Are you into us? You wanna see us DJ? HOW ABOUT ALL THOSE THINGS AT ONCE!? Ok, LETS!
AND ALSO: Bring some books to donate and some $ to get in.

Friday April 18th
9 pm / all ages / @ AV/aerie --Damen & Fulton
Benefit for Chicago Books for Women in Prison

DJ Coco Le Roc (c'est moi)
GutterButter (Ben & Logan)

About Chicago BWP:
Prison libraries are woefully underfunded and understocked, and it can be difficult for inmates to find the information and entertainment that they're searching for. Whether it's literature about living with HIV/AIDS or lesbian vampire erotica or Bibles in Spanish, ChicagoBWP tries to supply the books that these women need, to connect with them, to assure them that they have not been forsaken by the world beyond prison.

ChicagoBWP is an all-volunteer group serving women incarcerated in seven states. We collect books- some purchased, most donated- and receive request letters from inmates, then do our best to fill their orders. Our postage and operating costs are covered by donations, fundraisers, and the cash we can make selling books on Amazon. com.

We meet every Sunday from 2-5pm at BeyondMedia, 7013 N Glenwood, to pack books, and volunteers are always welcome. We always accept book donations- paperback books can be sent to inmates, and hardback books can be sold on Amazon-- but we are particularly grateful for dictionaries, blank journals, books on health (esp. Hep-C, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, and addiction/recovery), and education books (like unused GED workbooks or math books). Our website is chicagobwp. org

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