March 28, 2008


Jim Croce isn;t the only one wishing for time in a bottle! Word about town is that, perhaps spurned on by Vampire Weekend-spired otherizing fetish trend (it's not really a trend, I guess since white people doing such is like, several centuries old, say) is that Pfork is looking to get Tinariwen and some other authentic world ax in the mix. Whatever their reasoning, whatever my ample judging of such, I'M PRO THAT. I saw Tinariwen at the Cultural Center four or five years back, and it makes that deep trance Boredoms show night before last feel like an Inspiral Carpets reunion. Jus' sayins all.

Secondly, I know that one lady is in a Praise band now, but why aren;t any of their Professor Peabodys getting the Raincoats back together with their wayback machines? They have to sandwich some all girl bango in there somehow, just to keep up with marginally modern PC booking standards. You have to have a credible metal band and an all-girl band. Thats the rule. PLUZ! The rhuemy-eyed gleem of Burmas eyes is well familiar--they have to play Vs. anyways cos who among us can name one of the songs off those newish Matador rec'ds, right? If they got the 30 g's for the Pulp duder, how come they don't lay that cash on CRASS? My other suggestion is a B-Pitch Control + DJ/rupture til dawn rave tent, no tired nouveu Discobelle mix of the week shit allowed. That is the business I am interested in.

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