March 14, 2008


Positive animal omen I forgot to mention earlier:
I was walking home at 2 p.m. from examining buckwheat at the Ukraine mkt. and I saw this funny and crude shelf propped up behind the dumpster and I went to check it out. I heard this broad sort of flap flap above, and I looked up thinking someone was maybe shaking a blanket out their window on the fire escape, and no one was there. I was sniffing the shelf and I heard it again and I looked up and I saw what was flapping. A hawk. A huge fucking hawk eating a pigeon. I was next to a playground and I said to the moms "look a hawk" and everyone came to look at it, and as everyone looked up, a second giant hawk zoomed over, chasing some other birds! Hawks are gentrifying the neighborhood! The hawks were pale blue grey and their under side was white and had blue grey stiped wingspans. I don't know that they are hawks for sure, but it was about 5 times the size of pigeon and not an eagle nor an owl.

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