March 10, 2008


Pictures still loading. Meanwhile, something of a bite:

You should read the last week or so of posts on Margasak's blog--Curtis Mayfield doc details, Jazz Fest, free jazzer events, the Malachi Richter doc, overview of Kenyan music trends. It's all there.

Secondly: Bachelorette at Schubas tomorrow, Shining at the Bottle, free Joan of Arc "secret" show at the Hein-bo. JoA Black Flagged it (as Matt said) and after Make Blv finished thier basement punker set, th'dudes hightailed to to the Bottle last night to fill in for some Canadians and did a warm up show right after. The new line up is Tim Kinsella, Nate Kinsella and Bobby Burg on triangle. I have been seeing Joan of Arc in every line up since like, 98? and this one is the most spare. The last time I saw them play the 'bo, on that long EP that was like a comeback record, it was like half nerds half Stinsons line up. The stunned & bespectacled versus the all-night burners made for a real caustic intensity.

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