March 06, 2008


Good morning! Spring is coming! It's light until 5 pm now! It's so much easier to feel productive and be possessed by a sense of the possible. Last night, while Morgan and I were dog paddling laps of the pool, she told me she is going to Jordan to visit her friend who moved there to start Jordan's first book mobile. Which is the sort of thing that makes me wonder what the eff I am doing with my life, where is my good works. But then again there is no reason that I can't start Jordan's second book mobile, right? PMA. Tough lovin' my own mind with some PMA.

Trying to teach Wyatt to skateboard in between chapter drafts is not exactly making the world a better place, I must admit.

Was it Algren who said that the reason you stay in Chicago is because it's a city with a sense of infinite possibility? I think he may have been quoting someone else. It was in that book that is just 200+ pages of interview with him by a dude. It is not so good. He's a rambler. I tried, but found I am much more partial to his writing than his blabbing. Anyhow. Possibilities on the horizon, for you? May I suggest, if you live in LA tonight or on the 8th, go see Annabel Alpers aka Bachelorette play her shows. She's from New Zealand, you cannot get her records here, but her three date US tour is two shows in LA and one in Chicago at Schubas on the 11th. Her newest record is called Isolation Loops and it is my first real obsession album of this Oh-eight. Bonafiable pleasure, perfect tense. Someone in America should really put it out.

You know how after you watch a season of The Wire in a span of a couple of days, you have Wire dreams? I think someone should make a fanzine compiling them. The one I had last night was a recasting of all my favorite law n' order tv shows through the ages into a cluster fuck team of Lt. Daniels, Herc, the cast of Night Court and Hill Street Blues, and inexplicably, Todd Trainer of Shellac. It also involved me being carried to the Boredoms show like a baby. I can't explain it so much, but I could probably draw a picture of it.

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