February 21, 2008


Ol' Monks been burrowing in case you've been wondering where she's at.

Missed Nora's set, but we had a smoke in the fucking deepfreeze and I told her about my adventure of the day--I bought some craigslisted shelves from the failed actor brother of a from-Chicago movie star. "Did he say he was failed?" she asked. "No, but thats what he inferred as we were waiting for the freight elevator." Nora is a conneseiur of celebrity gossip. People think she's joking when she she starts talking to the audience about stuff like the tragic death of Brad Renfro between songs, but she's not. On the way inside some dudes stopped to tell her they liked her set, and I laughed because one of the dudes friends was checking out her ass, despite that she's wearing a snowsuit. "Oh yeah, dudes love the snowsuit." Ladies, in case you are wondering how to draw men your way--there you go.

These Are Powers ruled it and slowly blew out the PA piece by piece.

The return to meaty noise, beat aware but clearly post-funk-Brooklyn, kinda Swans meets avenging second line.

If you look closely, you can see the green line train going past in the distance. Pat said that they love playing Chicago because it's like Brooklyn, except the people are nice. They should give us a little more credit. The big difference, if one must note, is that in Chicago people wear sweat pants unironically.

Call of the wild.


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