February 20, 2008


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Today's sundry notes:
1. No Age's Nouns allows punk to draw innocent breath. Staying true to LA's p-rock history, but the California sun has bleached the old resigned deathwish vibes from it. They acknowledge the history they carry, but you get the idea that there was a ya basta moment along the way, making for a true genesis, a path to new punk. The world is shitty reminder enough, so the real right now punk spirit must be pure and positive.
2. The pic in the NYTimes today of Hillary behind a campaign sign that read "Solutions For America" which sounds like she's stumping for Home Depot. I can't wait 'til she loses officially, she's a real bum-out.
3. This little music blog is something I am really enjoying. Diggin in the Salvation Army bins of Ontario, so we don't have to.
4. Bird Names and We Are Powers at AV/aerie tonight. Bird Names is going on tour tomorrow, so if you live elsewhere, watch for them--they are a fine and fun time, one of our best exports.
5. Don't try to be funny and sneakily fill your running shorts with potatoes when I am just trying to take a picture of you. I am sneaky too. I will catch you!

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