January 30, 2008


Megan Holmes posted some pix of No Age playin' a grocery store; sweet.

Fascination street: So, trolling YouT. for Pussy Galore vid's other than "Dick Johnson" (the sixth punk rock song I ever heard, and so my idea of punk was pitched "pigfuck noise" rather than Circle Jerks, but that's neither here nor there) I got to this video here--which led me to another which concludes with someone lauding "She's so pussy!" in amazement (which I think should be our official catchphrase for Spring 2008) which in turn led me to someone's channel documenting a crew in the current queer vogueing/ball scene in Cincinatti, from windowless basement bedrooms where the catwalk is low pile and bracketed by bunkbeds to battle royale dressed as Santa's helpers. Beautiful secret universe / Nan Goldin afterworld.

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