January 28, 2008


I have some things to show you, but I'm woozy from 6 hours of locomotion, pre-dawn to noon, St. Louis to Chi-Boogie, and I feel utterly disinclined to bother uploading pictorials.

Meanwhile, the word of the avenues:

Tonight, rolling a rumoured 36-strong, Blue Ribbon Glee Club for FREEZIES! AT THE BOTTLE! If you are old enough to go, come on down. Click upon that post for their pro-recorded version of that rebel-rousing chezznut "California Uber Alles".

Also, in St. Louis, at this old-fashioned underground record store I got this wonderful record:
the music is almost as good as the cover. A choral grip of jeune filles doing Frenchie standards. Worth the $2.99

The record store had a lot of weird everything except almost no indie rock, which was refreshing. You never see record stores anymore that strike a balance between that creepy-questionable-Jim Goad/Boyd Rice-post-no-wave-nothings-shocking-conspiracy-theories-n'-swastika's aesthetic and like, a good cheap jazz & calypso LP section. The place could go pound for pound against the experimental/noise section at Amoeba, but it's in St. Louis. Seeing that someone, somewhere, is keeping the entire Clock DVA discography in stock made me feel a touch nostalgic.

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