January 24, 2008


Just so no one ever repeats my same terrible mistake: Don't confuse The Allman Brothers with Lynyrd Skynyrd, when you are looking for their keyboardist's post-band new band. You will think you are getting Chuck Leavell and Jaimoe's rad fusiony fusion ensemb, Sea Level
(the album cover looks like they sound; like the sea breeze in a'rustlin' their chest hairs and billowing their blouses...)

But because of your confusion between these two mystifying bands of the south, you will wind up with Billy Powell's untender foray with The Rossington Collins Band
which is hells waiting room, despite having a pretty sweet cover. I had early indoctrination from Neil, and thusly, I pretty much equate Skynyrd albums with, like, klan rallies and am mad that this hick work is loitering in my home. SO, hey, if anyone has any Sea Level records they wanna divest themselves of, holler.

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