January 24, 2008


While we're on topic of flip up sunglasses: Kool Kim's hxc band c.83, Europe-ish.

Casual, potent, direct. "Love $$$" shoulda been the single. This era Mary Timony was so intimidating, I couldn't listen to it until I was a few years older. She made good on some riot girl promises without even trying. Post-grunge feminist detour. Anyone else remember that Puncture cover story (c. 1996) on Helium where Jay Ruttenberg (I think he's at Time Out NY now?) presumed much about M.T.'s red nail polish and sexual nature. Did you ever notice how after all that speculative press attention positing her as some hypersexual temptress, she just started making records about imaginary fairy lands, pure princesses and unicorns--the sort of stuff you couldn't really distill or project much on to/out of it? I noticed and I'm still pissed 11 years later.

I'd wait my whole life for a band like this, over and over.

Gone, but not totally forgotten.

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