January 17, 2008


To be sure, it was the most teenage I had felt this side of thirty. Though Kate and I had pacted to lie if asked, to say that we were looking for multiple relatives graves and we could not remember where they were. Yet, when we were pulled over by the gravedigger in the dumptruck and he asked Kate "Are you learning to drive?" we both blurted in unison "YES." To which he replied "Not here you aren't!" and we switched sides and hauled ass outta Graceland Cemetery. I was thinking it was a sure fire no getting busted zone, but in hindsight given that it's the chosen crypt-zone of the city's founding families and most of the folks buried there have been dead 40-100 years, anyone hurking at 6 mph in a dusty Honda is not looking for Grandma, unless nana was Ida Noyes.

Unrelated seconds:
I love the hairstyles of Shirley and Dolly Collins as much as their music.
A maidengown, a curled sprig of top tail, a family band, a--what is that--a calliope? Talk about having it all.
(PS. Remember when Jim O'Rourke told The Wire magazine he was leaving Chicago because no one listened to British folk music? Leaving town because people aren't as in to Anne Briggs as you are is as good of a reason as any.)
Still wondering about the how-to on getting my hair to be like this:
Nora and I talked a lot about whether you perm your hair like Anouk Aimee and pull it off, not look matronly. I think you have to go to a blue-hairs-only kinda place and ask for "a permanent wave".
Though, Monica Vitti in L'eclisse and L'avventura has the #1 Best Cinematic Hair Dream Of My Dreams. Her hair is the meta-text of that L'avventura; When it gets wild n' looser in it's curl that dark night on the rocky island, getting hassled by her missing BFF's loser lover, then more strangely bouffier and teased as things run their fucked course, then in the end, eerily to still and shiny and perfect.
Her hair, here, really communicates someone that's truly living life. It is the size of two hats--an immaculate fluff.

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