January 13, 2008


I went to St Louis. And plum forgot that the time for a leasing was nigh:

Nora, who often appears on this blogginz, needs some upstairs roommates in her Pilsen-side punk house. It is, to be sure, a punk house. Formerly the Milemarker residence, also the Skeleton house and the Bird Names house, in case you know it as those things. It is 2500 sq ft, 4 bedroom, $600 total. It's really huge. Very colorful. A potted palm tree grows in the living room. It has a backyard with firepit, heat, water, a porch, and you can play music there. Like as in practice with your band. Or do your home recording. It is right by the pink or blue line, which also runs above the backyard. It's open starting in Feb; animals welcome. If you are interested in a grade-a punk hovel, hit up norasnice at yahoo dot com. No jerks!

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