January 10, 2008


Lifelong Friend, Teeter says her and her sis' radical bags n' shoes n' cute totes and stuff with horses on it is having a crazy sale--$5-15-25 at their site: 31 Corn Lane.

Friend of the old times, Josh Hooten is attempting some paper-free action with the new issue of Herbivore, America's only vegan magazine, thats certainly worth supporting. The paper version--also rad. Him and wife Michelle also just opened an Herbivore store in the Portland vegan mini mall. YES VEGAN MINI MALL. They just started publishing cookbooks. Josh was the reason you loved those first few years of Punk Planet, 'member? When he pranked Rye Coalition? That was the best.

Just in case you are poking around the interweb today, looking for ways to spend money.

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