January 09, 2008


Two things.
1. Does it seem like a CTA conspiracy that as part of the 80-bus-line chop, that between United Center and Fullerton, the only bus running downtown is one the Chicago Ave 66? Aka "666 The Bus To Hell" aka the worstest slowest bus on this side of town that takes 40 to get the three miles from Damen to the MCA? That bus is naturally pandemonium and 30 minute waits. Now it will be the only downtown bus line for miles. Come Jan. 21st, the 66 bus stops are going look like the Saigon airlift.

2. U of C Doc Films schedule is is a dream come true most every night of the week for the next few. Monday is a Fuller retrospective, Tues is a Tati/Demy trade off, Weds is Almodovar, Thurs is Noir of the 50's, Friday late showing is roots-of-porn--Misty Beethoven, Behind the Green Door, Swedish Wildcats etc. Last night, Nora and I saw Lola and got lost in Anouk Aimee's eyeliner.

We nearly expired in the heat of the auditorium. I guess paying 32.6 a year in tuition means you can expect every building to be kept at 80 degrees. They got rid of the vending machines in the basement, so make sure you pick up your can of Squirt and Andy Capp Spicy Fries before you get there.

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