December 25, 2007


My mother was eating a pear and my sister, maybe eating a pear or something that sounded like a pear when you ate it, both of them leaning against the island, as I was stalling against work, and taking pictures of them through the centerpiece fishbowl of flowers and peat, in which my mom had installed the model Appaloosa horse that Matt bought for her stocking, and my mom and sister looked up, twinning beams of annoyance, sidelong at my camera, and my mom says to sis-sis, "Oh, it's so hard living with an artist." Sigh, crunch-bite, glance. "Why don't you turn on the flash, Jess?" suggested my sis as a way to make what I was doing pro-actively annoying, rather than incidentally. My mom holds the freshly bitten side of her pear three inches from the lens "Here."

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