December 23, 2007


They would not have it until after Christmas, but I think honestly, theres no point in giving a gift if you can't present it a month late, right?
But, I'd really like to suggest you, or someone. buy Julie Doucet's drawn diary, 365, which comes out first week of Jan. It's Doucet on blast but more crucially b. it's rather frank about being a tempramental artist --she does not spare herself c. gives several considerations of what success is when you are 15 years into being an underground comics wonderfille, still...It's thick and plowable and personal and personable, written in charming canadian esl and worth paying money for.

I do not know what else to tell you aside from if you have to bring a child relative to a movie this week and they are not old enough to see Golden Compass, Alvin and the Chipmunks is not that terrible and also is one of the most accurate movies about the major label music industry ever made, with David Cross playing A&R guy to the r&b ground squirrels. The only unrealistic part is where the Chipmunks make money off their hit record.

The end/goodnight.

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