December 17, 2007


Craft night. The hottest new monthly in town. Felt squares are the new bloghouse. BYO scissors is to 08 what "Lindsay Lohan's Revenge" was to early 07, but in reverse; making stuff amongst friends snuffs the desperate tones of your mind. Nevermind those blinking Myspace ads, here's friendship! I would have invited more people but I didn't have enough chairs.

We listened to the Savage Love podcast and made cards and presents and covered the whole house (and Wyatt too) in glitter glue.

After an hour of listening to people callin' in with their sex problems, it began to effect what we were producing.

Not pictured: Kelly's "Welcome Homo" seasonal door hanging, the bird sculpture emblazened with "BLO JOB" in glitter, JR's deep crimson blushing as we girls discussed the caller who complained that as a feminist, she feels demeaned by "doing it doggy style".

Though nothing really captured the essence of the evening like Kate's misspelled door hanging for her new place. Kelly did the whipstitch, I advised on the matter of the glue, Morgan spellchecked it. Good work, team!

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