December 16, 2007


The story I did on post-Fireside all ages shows is out. It's a basic overview on one facet of the scene. Talking to folks doing house shows in Little Village and hardcore shows in Pilsen without steady venues, it's a diff. story all together. The older punk promoters all suggested that one of the benefits is that in absence of the Fireside--a centralized place--that posers and kids from the suburbs got weeded out. I thought that was a pretty funny thing to cite as beneficial to the scene at the ages of 31, 32 and 38 respectively. Personally, I am pro-poser because poserdom is the nut from which we all hatched and many times the suburban bands, the goofball kids existing in relative isolation are the best--or at least better than the born cool citykid bands. Plus, and after all, if it wasn't for the Fireside nurturing the weird genius of teenage suburban dorks, emo as it is understood today would probably not exist.

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