December 14, 2007


Last weekend, I went to Derek Erdman's birthday party. There was no cake, and he spent the entire time making grilled cheeses so as not to have to deal with anyone. These two teenage girls showed up and were standing in a huddle in a corner. I decided to befriend them and introduce them to people I knew. When I was 16 and hitting up the parties of the people I worked with at the record store, grown-ups all, I would wind up standing in a corner with my best friend trying to project WOW. I'm having so much fun drinking this beer, while slugging back the Michelob Light we'd pilfered from her parents basement fridge.

And even though it was totally the lamest lame that ever lamed we would front to our school friends about the rad adults party we partied at, and never acknowledge to one another the soul crushing experience of being the only teenagers at a grown ups party.

It was not a soul crushing experience. Amy's dog Camille was there, eating edamame and lemon bars. Lemon bars are delicious.

The girls were asking me and Lil' Dave Maher for recommendations on records they should pick up. "Well, what sort of things do you like?" we asked. They really love the Delta 5, and are in a Delta 5 cover band, just the two of them, but it's just french horn and tamborine. We were kind of stunned, and professed that they were the coolest people at the party and totally didn't need our help. The pressed on. Dave told them why Double Nickels was crucial. I suggested Au Pairs, Slits, Antena and disc one of Best of The Whispers.

I wanted to ask if I could join their band, but I know grown ups can be a corrupting force, and I am already in a new band. Perhaps my band with Kate and JR--Juan of Arc--can play with the very special 11th grade chamber-minimalist tribute to Delta 5. TBA, my dudes!

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