December 11, 2007


This might be my favorite thing to happen in a movie all year, aside from the last few scenes in Water, during which I was sobbing with abandon (as was the one other person in the theatre). I dunno why this movie is getting bad word of mouth, because it was fanfuckingtastic. Ritchey is right vote with your dollars for movies with girl heroines. Some evil, nebulous, corpo they wanted to make the main character a he, not a she, like in the book--Fuck the patriarchy!--See it twice! I choked up when Lyra is riding to save her friend on Iorek's back--it is like every child's dream of animal bond! Riding through the snow with your talking animal friend to pursue child justice! POWER TO THE LITTLE PEOPLE AND THE NEWLY SOBER POLAR BEAR THEY RODE IN ON! The ending is a little ridic but only for the last 4 minutes, but they give us a teaser for part two that instills forgiveness: PART TWO IS A "WORLD WAR OVER FREE WILL" , says the witch who goes by her first and last name, which sounds like she's reading her Ikea shopping list every time she introduces herself. FREE WILL! Even in it's tramped down Hollywoodian ways, I wonder what sort of radical notions this could instill in children? Here's to hoping.

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