December 07, 2007


Mark the page in your Filo-Fax, but Pukers, from Los Angeles, are playing on the 15th at Enemy Loft, which I think is where Buddy used to be, so there is not a malcontent or partyboy in town that should not be able to find this show.

And well, sooner than that, tonight! One night only! Dave Laney and Pete's new band, Auxes. It's pronounced like Oxes, the Baltimore joke band. Dave was in Milemarker and Challenger, and Pete replaced me in Challenger and is also the merch dude for every band that changed your life in 2002, he ran the AK Press table--you have prolly bought an anarchist manifesto from him, even--a great man, that Pete! It is a special night, celebrating and capping Al's years in Chicago; long may he run.

"Are you a cop? / Are you a christian?" is one of the better punk refrains I've heard in some time.

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