November 30, 2007


Maybe you are not tired of reading about No Age in magazines and on Cali's blogginz (I'm not), which is like a pictographic filo-fax on Dean's goings on in particular, but hell theres an actual No Age blog being updated. You know, No Age from a No Age perspective--totally refreshing.

Miles and JR and I discuss, with some frequency (it's come up more than twice) about why, unlike, the LA people, we are not rolling out in groups 14 strong to eat dinner and paint murals. Why in the midwest, a big group is three or four people? Most everyone we know has a second job which alieviates discretionary time and income, plus it's too cold to voluntarily leave the house five months out of the year and the scene is fractious (esp. post-fireside). Not to be all defeatist excuses about it; I'm just wondering. What makes LA's positive-social-super-grind possible? Attitude plus hard-work plus folks being creative class types plus weather? Is it simply the natural tide pulling against decades of gross LA scenes? Could a positive scene rebirth like that happen in the midwest even? What are the economic forces at work there vs. here?

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