November 30, 2007


Miles reminded me this morning of the laugh riot of a press release for the new girl, err, femme fatale band on Hellcat.

Nov 26, 2007
“The Four Girls of Civet Have that Pretty-in-a-Dirty-Way Thing Going on Like They Own it” (Exclaim)
Civet, a wicked Long Beach, CA foursome aptly self-described as “femme fatale punk rock,” has joined the Hellcat ranks, home to fellow agitators Tiger Army, HorrorPops and Rancid. “We are honored to join the Hellcat family and to be associated with the artists that continue to keep punk rock alive,” says the band.
The girls of Civet (Ms Liza Graves on vocals and guitar, Suzi Homewrecker on guitar, Jacqui Valentine on bass and Danni Harrowyn on drums) do a excellent job of carrying on the long history of girl bands with broken hearts and an axe to grind – think early Distillers, Bikini Kill and the Runaways – but do so with a humor and brazen, in-your-face gorgeousness that sets them apart from the reflexive feminist stance that at times burdened their predecessors.

I like the creative thinking of this press release--Civet have found a work around on the stumbling block of wanting to be considered equal to their male peers--being brazenly hot and being a brazenly terrible Distillers-rip-off. It's good that they are building on the lessons of their forebearers, though, understanding the dear price The Runaways, Distillers and especially Bikini Kill paid for being attractive and feminist--if only they'd ditched the message and sexed it up---they could of been the next Tom Petty!

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